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We want to help individuals who wish to advance their aviation goals through:

Providing efficient and effective ground school training

Connecting flight students with certified flight instructors

Providing a sponsorship program to help reduce costs

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Connections, financial support and encouragement on the path to getting your pilot license.

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About Us

We recognize that the desire to be a pilot often seems unattainable due to the cost of ground school, flight instruction time, and exams.  However, a private pilot’s license may be the key to unlocking a door of new possibilities and opportunities.  From the pilot who only wants to fly for personal pleasure, to the pilot who wants to make a career out of flying, and everyone in between, we want to help flight students get started or continue with their dream.

About the Sponsorship Program

We believe that the more deeply students are invested in their flight future, the more positive of an overall experience they will have. While Soar 34 does have some financial contributors, students are encouraged to seek their own sponsors through their connections with family and friends. Students may ask personally or write a letter of request for funds. These funds would all be channeled through Sour 34, as a not-for-profit organization. All funds would go directly to the designated recipient. Students may also apply for the Soar Together matching funds program. Soar Together connects students with Soar 34 contributors and will match the sponsorship funds raised up to a predetermined amount.

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